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New Jersey Commercial Property Tax Appeals

Commercial property owners:
  • Ensure you respond to Chapter 91 income requests within 45 days of RECEIPT
  • File appeals in a timely manner – Unfortunately there are 3 potential deadlines:
    • April 1 (generally applicable unless one of the exceptions below applies)
    • May 1 (applies when a town has undergone revaluation)
    • 45 days from the date of mailing of the tax assessment notice** (applies when the town is late mailing its yearly tax assessment notices. ** the language of this statute conflicts with the statute extending the deadline to May 1st, during a revaluation year.) In Mr. Standriff’s opinion, the deadline for filing an appeal in any year when the town mails the tax assessment notice after March 15th would be 45 days from the date of mailing, even during a revaluation year, however the Tax Court has not ruled in such a situation.
  • Appraisals for Commercial and Income producing property are more complex than appraisals for residential properties.
Who may file the appeal – in addition to the owner of a property, the following persons or entities may file an appeal if they meet the standard of being an “aggrieved” taxpayer under New Jersey Statute 54:3-21:
  • Tenants
  • Spouse of owner
  • Tax Sale certificate holder
  • Mortgage holder
The Court will often require that the name of the owner appear in the caption, either as a co-plaintiff or even a defendant in order to afford the property owner the right to participate in the appeal.

New Jersey Property Tax in the News

Jersey City Tax Assessment Revaluation - January 24, 2017 ... Click to read more ...
The City of Jersey City has not had its assessments updated since 1988, which means that the last time the City conducted a thorough evaluation of all properties was almost 30 years ago. The City entered into a contract to complete a revaluation with Realty Appraisal, and began a revaluation, but the revaluation was halted by Mayor Fulop. The Tax Board has ordered the revaluation to be completed. This means that each property is to be inspected and valued. All properties whether commercial, residential or industrial will receive new assessments for tax year 2018. Right now, for 2017 the average assessment is 23.66% of true value. The 2018 assessments will be “true value” or in other words “fair market value” of the property with all issues considered, such as location, lot size, use, square footage, etc. Presumably, the average assessment will be 4x the old assessment. Some will be more than 4x, others will be less depending upon how that particular property relates to the change in market value versus other properties.. The overall tax rate will FALL – it will be approximately ¼ of the current rate of $7.701 per $100 of assessed value. Below is a schedule published by
jersey city revaluation
Rolling re-Assessment for Hackensack and other Towns ... Click to read more ...
What is a rolling re-assessment?
Well, let’s start with a re-assessment as opposed to a re-valuation.
  • A “revaluation” is where the town hires an outside company to inspect all properties and completely update its assessments – normally completed every 8 to 10 years and possibly with longer periods in between.
  • A “re-assessment” is a less complicated update that does not include inspecting every property.
So a “rolling re-assessment” is where the town updates the assessments for the majority of properties every year. At first glance, that would seem a good thing, however a homeowner who is over-assessed is forced to file an appeal EACH year. This violates one basic foundations of tax appeal law – the “Freeze Act.” (N.S.A The Freeze Act statute normally protects a successful tax appeal from being changed by the assessor for two additional years, thus a successful appeal provides 3 years of savings as a result of the Freeze Act). Doing rolling assessments potentially acts to cut off the additional two years after the appeal where the assessment is frozen at the lower figure.
I believe the County Tax Board or Tax Court will eventually have to rule upon the propriety of a rolling assessment, but that has not yet occurred. The towns who expect to complete rolling re-assessments are: Hackensack, Little Ferry, Moonachie, North Arlington, Oradell, Saddle Brook, South Hackensack, Westwood, Woodcliff Lake, and Paterson in Passaic County.
City of Paterson Over Assessed ... Click to read more ...
For many years, properties in Paterson have been over-assessed. Patterson has undergone a revaluation, effective for tax year 2015. Most property owners will see a reduction in their assessment, but that does not mean that their taxes will go down. Whether or not a property owner's taxes go down depends upon how much the total ratables decrease. If the total ratables for the entire town decreased by 10%, then a particular property owner who sees a 10% reduction in their assessment will basically see no change in their taxes. On the other hand, an owner who’s assessment stays basically the same (or rises) will likely see an increase in their taxes. Assessments for 2015 are supposed to be true fair market value. If an owner believes that their property is not worth the amount of the new assessment, they should consider filing a tax appeal. In order to win the tax appeal, the owner must prove that the property is worth less than the new assessment. If the owner approves the property is worth less than the assessment in a proceeding either in the County tax board or the Tax Court, then the taxes will decrease as a result of the reduction in property assessment. Appeals must be filed by May 1, 2015, unless extended.
Wyckoff Over Assessed ... Click to read more ...
Many property owners in Wyckoff were over-assessed in the past. Ever since Wyckoff completed a revaluation almost at the height of the real estate market, the assessments in Wyckoff have been somewhat inaccurate. For 2015, all Wyckoff property owners should have received their notice of assessment giving them the value that the town places on each property. The assessor mailed the notices with the help of the revaluation company, Realty Appraisal. This value or assessment is supposed to be true fair market value for tax year 2015. Some owners may see their assessment rise, however the majority of property owners should see a a reduction in their assessment compared to 2014. Property owners whose assessment rises, will likely pay more in taxes for 2015. Anyone receiving an increase in their assessment should consider filing a tax appeal. In order to win the tax appeal, the property owner must prove that the property is worth less than the new assessment. Appeals must be filed by May 1, 2015 either in the County Tax Board, or Tax Court if the assessment is $1 million or more.
Farmland Assessments & Appeals ... Click to read more ...
Allows farmland and woodland utilized for horticultural and agricultural purposes, to be assessed at its productivity value. Determined annually, an application is due August 1st of the year preceding the one for which the valuation, assessment and taxation are sought.
Applicant must own the land. The minimum area needed to qualify is 5 contiguous (connecting) acres devoted to agricultural or horticultural use and/or under a woodlot management plan. A farmhouse, or land under a farmhouse, does not count towards the 5 acre minimum. The land must have been devoted to horticultural or agricultural uses for at least 2 years prior to the tax year. Gross sales of products from the land must average at least $500 per year for the first 4 acres, plus an average of $5 per acre for each additional acre, except in the case of woodland or wetland where the income requirement is $0.50 per acre for any addition acre over 5. The owner much show that the land will be used in an agricultural or horticultural manner for the entire year applied for.
Devoted land is defined as land devoted to the production of crops, livestock or their products, and/or forest products under a woodlot management plan.

Senior Freeze Act ... Click to read more ...
“You may be eligible for a reimbursement of the difference between the amount of property taxes you paid for the base year (the year you first became eligible) and the amount paid for the year for which you are applying for a reimbursement if you met all the following requirements for the base year and for each succeeding year, up to and including the year for which you are claiming the reimbursement.”
You may be eligible if:
  1. You are 65 or older or receiving Social Security disability benefits; and
  2. You have lived in N. J. continuously for the last 10 years as a homeowner or renter; and
  3. You have owned and lived in your home for the last 3 years; and
  4. You have paid the full amount of property taxes; and
  5. You meet the income requirements.

Veteran’s Property Tax Deduction and Exemption ... Click to read more ...
  1. Veterans who were honorably discharged from active service with the U.S. Armed Services in a war-time period may be eligible for a property tax reduction of $250.
  2. Certain totally or permanently disabled war veterans or the surviving spouse of a disabled war veteran or the surviving spouse of a serviceperson who died in wartime active duty may be exempt (they do not pay any property tax) from real estate taxes. You must be honorably discharged from active wartime service and be VA certified as having service-connected total or 100% permanent disability. You must also be the full owner of and a permanent resident in the dwelling for which exemption is claimed.

Tax Exempt Property ... Click to read more ...
Your property may be exempt from taxes if it used solely for one of the following purposes:
Religious, charitable, educational, scientific, literary, veterans organizations, youth organizations, fraternal organizations, disaster relief organizations, historic sites, conservation/recreation land, burial grounds & cemeteries, firefighter organizations & rescue squads, and PTA/PTO organizations.
Interested property owners may also visit the following website:

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Some Recent
Successful Tax Appeals
East Brunswick, vacant land zoned commercially, 2016 taxes reduced from $59,587 to $28,150. (Multi-year savings of over $100,000.00)
Strip Mall on main road in Emerson, taxes reduced by 19% per year.
Industrial Property in Wayne, taxes reduced from $120,976 to $104,142 for 2016 - 14% savings. (Appeal was filed and completed in one year).
Taxes on Commercial property in Leonia (law offices) reduced by 10.8%, resulting in substantial yearly savings.
Large residential estate in Bergen County: 2010 taxes reduced from $42,770.99 to $31,860.00, a savings of $10,910.99.
Successful appeal of 3 condominium units in Union City, Hudson County, resulted in yearly savings for each unit owner in excess of $4,600.
Ridgewood property’s assessment reduced from $3,600,000 to $3,000,000. Savings over three years was in excess of $19,900.
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