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Please contact me to discuss whether or not you should file an appeal. I will explain the tax appeal process and assist you in deciding whether an appeal is right for you.

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Saddle River - Should You File a Tax Appeal?

The real estate market in Saddle River has continues to fall, and many homes owners should consider filing a tax appeal for 2019.  After Saddle River completed a revaluation in 2018, using sales prices from the previous two years (2016 and 2017), sales of multimillion dollar homes remain stagnant, and values have continued to drop.  The assessments given to properties in 2018 are based upon sales prices from a better real estate market.  A Tax Appeal is needed to reduce the assessment, and real estate taxes – to the proper amount.  While the tax rate in Saddle River is one of the best in New Jersey, many homes are currently over assessed.  Call Tax Appeal Attorney Douglas Standriff to obtain a review of your assessment.

New Jersey Property Tax Appeals using New Jersey Certified Civil Trial Attorney

From my Maywood office, conveniently located in the heart of Bergen County, I concentrate my practice in two areas: PROPERTY TAX APPEALS, particularly in Bergen County, Passaic County, Essex County, Morris County, and Hudson County, and CIVIL LITIGATION in the Superior Courts of New Jersey.

I regularly appear before the local County Tax Boards as well as the New Jersey Tax Courts and have successfully reduced assessments and property taxes for many property owners in New Jersey. If you want to know how to appeal property taxes in New Jersey, contact me. If I accept a tax appeal, my success rate is in excess of 96%. My experience in negotiating over 1,000 settlements allows me achieve outstanding results without the need for an expensive and time consuming trial. Where no settlement can be reached, my experience in the Courtroom allows me to back up my demands to the adversary with winning trial results.

I have been certified as a New Jersey Civil Trial Attorney, by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Only a small percentage of all attorneys licensed in New Jersey are certified as Civil Trial Attorneys. This certification is given to attorneys whose qualifications and experience have been reviewed by senior Certified Civil Trial attorneys to ensure the applicant has a sufficient amount of courtroom experience, and who have passed a lengthy written examination. Only Civil Trial Attorneys can advertise their specialized experience in handling civil trials.


If I accept your case, I will perform the legal work personally. Your matter will NOT be given to an associate who lacks experience in the courtroom. I will work together with you to choose the best legal strategy to win your court case.

Residential Appeals

From my Bergen County, NJ office, I handle NJ Real Estate Property Tax Appeals on behalf of Real Estate owners of both residential and commercial properties.


I suggest that you visit our FAQ's page first. Once you have reviewed the information, we suggest you use our NJ Property Tax Calculator to further decide if you should appeal.

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Commercial Appeals

Commercial property owners:

  • Ensure you respond to Chapter 91 income requests within 45 days of RECEIPT
  • File appeals in a timely manner – Unfortunately there are 3 potential deadlines:


Deadlines: (cont'd)

Please feel free to give me a Call.

Multi Family Appeals

Multi Family Property Owners must:

  • Ensure you respond to Chapter 91 income requests within 45 days of RECEIPT
  • File appeals in a timely manner – Unfortunately there are 3 potential deadlines:


Deadlines: (cont'd)

Please feel free to give me a Call.

Condominium Appeals

If you are the owner of a condominium property, you have the right to appeal the assessment for your property. Often, if one unit in a development is over-assessed, then other units are likely over-assessed as well. It is common for owners to hire me as a group. This allows us to handle the appeal at a lower cost for each owner, and the cost of an appraisal can be shared. Thus if we are successful, more of the savings is passed to the owner.


If you would like to discuss an appeal for your unit, or if you would like to discuss a group appeal please do not hesitate to call or email my office.

Please feel free to give me a Call.

Recently Purchased

If you recently purchased property for less than the assessed value, you MAY be able to win your recently purchased property tax appeal using your own purchase price as evidence, however there is no absolute right to have an assessment reduced simply because a transaction occurred at a value lower than the assessed value. In essence, it is still necessary to prove the case, and prove the value of the property. The town can argue that the purchaser “got a good deal.” Certainly, a purchaser at a short sale, and at times a purchase from an estate may occur at less than fair market value.


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Why Use an Attorney

Some corporations*, developers, and residential owners attempt to handle New Jersey Property Tax Appeals by themselves. Some are successful, but frankly I believe I can obtain more favorable results than owners can obtain on their own.

Here’s why:

  • I have filed and successfully handled hundreds of property tax appeals. I have been involved in over one thousand successful negotiations in property tax appeals and civil litigation matters. This is what I do every day.
  • I have a reputation among assessors and town attorneys as being a competent ...

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